A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You just got assigned team of the best adventurers on the travel following North Star. Will one of them become your love?

Game contains:

  • fantasy worlds
  • gay romances
  • hot guys

Game made by Adam Lepieszkiewicz for Bara Game Jam.


NorthStar-1.0-mac.zip 13 MB
NorthStar-1.0-pc.zip 30 MB


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nice demo,art is great, looking forward to orc route

Hello! I loved this game, i look forward to the update. If possible, more languages available please! :> 

In my case, i want the portuguese brazilian. Thanks, thanks! <3

I really hope I get to see more of this bc I really adore the idea and want to see it expanded upon<3


It seems this has been abandoned, it's a shame...


it isn't, I just have rough year at my Uni ;;; I want to get back to it ASAP tho

Well, it's good to know that you have the intention of going back to work in this VN. Don't let the busyness of Uni get to you. And keep up the good work! :)

Thank you so much!

good luck at the university!! 

looking forward to ur work

It's still being worked on? It's a really cute concept!

Are we going to get an update soon? I'm really loving the love intrest, and the art. Hopefully you'll be updating it soon!


Update is coming ;)
There will be major changes in the Altair's scene and Rigel scene will be added. ;)


Will these be available for android version?


I'll try to make it along with the upcoming update :)


I just tested it in JoiPlay, that run some games made in ren'py for Windows in Android.

Loving the art, and the characters are cute.<3

Thank you so much!

What is this game about?, does it have gay romance?

It's fantasy dating simulator and it does include gay romance. :D

Good to know, you should include that in the description. When I looked at the game it wasn't described as such. :) 

Added, thank you for the suggestion! ;)

Glad to be of service! :) 

Hi Crun,

To echo Touha, the game is of course very short atm...but it does give a good enough preview of what to expect/what's to come. I assume Polish is your native language, as there were a few English mistakes here and there...but nothing bad enough to make the dialogue confusing.

I really wanted to checkup on Rigel's fishing <3 but alas his route isnt ready yet. Despite me having seen some hot art on discord here and there. Hurry and have his route started!!! =p

Anyways the art style is what's really selling the game for me rn. So much personality!  Also I was wondering *why* it was called "North Star" and that question was answered rather quickly lol.

I know this is a very early demo and there's not too much going on yet, but... I LOVE THIS. Everything about it is perfect so far - I love the characters, the writing, and the art is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see more!