A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Game tells the story of Mike, the new student at Academy of Lovely Arts. He joins one of the labs: drawing, painting, sculpting, digital media or photography where he meets his future love interests.

Game made by Adam Lepieszkiewicz, Kinga Brotoń, Magdalena Tymińska and Ewa Gawdzińska for Yaoi Game Jam 2019.

Game is available in Polish only for now, but will be available in English soon!


LoveAcademy-1.0-pc.zip 51 MB


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When will the English ver. be available


The story looks really interesting!

Do you have a date  for the release in English, please?


The art looks super cool! I hope it will be available in English soon.


Do you have any idea when this will be available in English? Im super excited it seems cool!


me too

Piękne, schludne ilustracje, ciekawa historia i przesłodkie postacie. Mam nadzieję, że nie porzuciliście tej noweli - widzę w niej duży potencjał. Pozdrowionka!


Projekt niebawem wraca, będzie w wersji anglojęzycznej i z dopracowaną oprawą graficzną.


is this project still alive?

It's coming back!

omg yes!!

I really like this game, and hope to see the final version!

The characters are well-written, everyone is interesting in their own way. Everyone has their own personality and passions. I like small details, like how Dave is teaching about dragons.

The graphics are totally awesome! Everyone looks different — it's very cool to see different body types represented.

The only downside is that it ends so abruptly :D

It's kinda heartening to play this game in Polish. Now when I will think about Polish LGBT, I will remember this game ^^ (and not just "strefy wolne")

You've said that the final version will be in English, does this mean you will drop the Polish version altogether? This would be kinda sad (although I understand it's difficult to make a multilingual game ^^').

Thanks for the game, I've really enjoyed this demo! Good luck with the development!

We'll be making it in both languages, but our focus will be mostly on the English version. Everything will be also rewritten.
Thank you for the nice comment <3

When could we expect an english translation?

Not as soon as we would like to, since the team have very little free time atm working on all of our school projects, but whenever we can we are working on the new writing bible and designs changes to make it the best we can. We will try to make the demo ready and playable in English for the spring/summer.

That's great to hear, i'm a patient man I can hold out until then~~ ;  )

Wow ;) Jestem zaskoczona widząc rodzimą grę BL.


I'll wait for the English version. So excited!! :D

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Wo, pierwszy raz widzę tutaj grę, która jest dostępna po polsku .o.
Czekam na wersję finalną.

Jest po polsku, bo nie zdążyliśmy jej przetłumaczyć przed deadline'm jamu, ale finalna wersja będzie po angielsku! ;)